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Steem (STEEM)

Steem is a blockchain-based social media platform where anyone can earn rewards.

Steemit is a new social media platform built on the Steem blockchain where the community rewards individuals for their posts, comments and votes, co-founded by Ned Scott, CEO, and Daniel Larimer, CTO of Steemit and founder of Bitshares.

Underneath the hood of Steemit.com there is a tradeable cryptocurrency token, called Steem, and it's performing well on the US-based exchange, bittrex.com, and blockchain-based exchange openledger.info. With Steemit.com, posts, comments and votes are immutable. Attribution is a given. Accreditation is not taken for granted. And community appreciation is an actual reward.

Steem is a form of esteem, which means to prize or value. Steem is also a homophone for steam, which is frequently associated with power, and a step further, steam powered trains gave influence to English idioms, such as ‘this conversation is picking up steam.’ The associations with prizing, language and empowerment only felt right.

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Ned Scott "steem" CEO of Steemit
Daniel Larimer "Bytemaster" CTO of Steemit, founder of Bitshares