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Shift (SHIFT)

Shift is the New Web. Decentralized and Versatile.

Shift is a decentralized web platform built on blockchain technology. Blazing fast, dApp-ready blockchain network The Shift blockchain and its delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus are the foundation for the new web.

The value of the token riding on top of the blockchain gives us infinite possibilities for seamless payment services.

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Ticker: SHIFT
Algorithm: Delegated POS
Block Time: 27 Sec
Block Reward: 1 Shift
Round Time: 45 Min
Delegate Cost: 60 Shift


Ralfs Core Development & IPFS (Web Front- & Backend Developer)
Goldeneye Core Development & DApps (Software developer)
Mariuszeq Core Development (Software Development Specialist)
Maverick69 DApp Development (Former Indie Game Developer)
Jan Community & Infrastructure Development (Server guru, PR, Community support, Scripter)
Seatrips Community, Moderator (Forum moderator, Community support, Contributor)