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Rise (RISE)

We are Rise, a Lisk-based currency and distributed application platform heavily emphasizing security and ease of use. Our aim is to provide Graphical User Interfaces to Decentralized / Distributed application development, Smart Contract creation and sidechain / custom coin creation, all backed by our Distributed Proof of Stake system. Build your own apps and rely on us to provide the security to your blockchain, instead of having to build your own.

Rise is being developed using Node.js[1] for the application backend, Go and shell scripts for the server, through Dokku and Docker, and React on the front end.

✉ If you believe any of this data is inaccurate please contact us.


Ticker: RISE
Block Time: 30 seconds
Round Time: ~17 minutes
Confirmations for Final Transaction: 6-10
Supply: 100 million Rise
DPoS reward 15 Rise forged per block


Justin Donnaruma (jdr0dn3y) Lead Developer / Co-Founder
Richard Hooper Developer
Nathanael Burchill Developer
Steven Remington (scifi.rem) Marketing / Co-Founder
Cormac Lucking (Alty) Project Manager
Gerlof Graphic Designer
Gjeric (Greg) Advisor + Branding
Shazad Boota Advisor