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PureVidz (VIDZ)

Pure Vidz's most direct competition in terms of users would be these more traditional streaming sites as their main users are afraid of torrenting worried they may get a virus and are unwilling to install any 3rd party software. Not having to worry about if a video will work or not due to standardized file requirements, approval process and decentralized video delivery ensures that the long term reliability of Pure Vidz is miles beyond what any of these sites may try to offer. Our strict advertisement guidelines it also solves the confusion of "which fake play button is the real one".

Pure Vidz also offers a huge bonus over any of these streaming sites, the ability to easily discover content. Through suggested content, streamlined searching by genre or category and the ability to create and share playlists or even be informed when a movie or show you are excited for becomes available, it ensures that user retention of the site out performs any of our competitors.

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Ticker: VIDZ
Algorithm: Proof Of Stake
Block Time: 1 minute
Block Reward: 1 VIDZ
Supply: 125,000,000 VIDZ