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BelaCoin (BELA)

Supercharging Entrepreneurship with the Power of the Blockchain

BellaCoin is a scrypt coin which is based off of Litecoin which came to be inspired by my daughter, Bella. Her favorites? Unicorns and flowers. That’s what you’ll find on a BellaCoin.

Why another alt coin, don't we have enough?

I'll agree in a heartbeat the alt coin market has beyond grown to beastly proportions. However, my intentions and focus behind creating BellaCoin are pretty different from what's out there.

BellaCoin's primary objective and goal is to benefit children globally. Organizations such as The Salvation Army and others that aim to help children in need are being reached out to by me with my plan explained.

✉ If you believe any of this data is inaccurate please contact us.


Name: Bellacoin = Belacoin
Ticker: BELA
Algorithm: Scrypt
Coins per Block: 50
Total Coins: 54 Million
PreMine: 30000 BELA
Kimoto's Gravity Well diff Retargetting
2 Minute Blocks


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The Ambia Fund Investor & Development